Warnings from the Bathtub
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A couch can’t betray a woman like a man can. Don’t be so sure!
--Elizabeth Appell,


Starring Karen Black and Deborah Fink

This is a story about Searcher, a woman who falls in love with a couch.

‏Searcher suffers from four failed marriages. She sublimates her desire for furniture instead of men. Steeped in a hallucination, Searcher communes with her dead mother who passes out warnings from the bathtub where she drinks wine and touches up her bloody wrists.

‏“Settle down, deary, and find a good man,” Mother warns. “Waking up alone is like perpetual winter.”

‏Disregarding her dead mother’s advice, Searcher continues her quest to satisfy her needs. In an antique shop she becomes desperately attracted to Couch, a handsome hunk with big bolsters and muscular arms. She brings him home. Once he (Couch) enters her world, she becomes so obsessed, he consumes her.

‏Moral of the story: Don’t bring home strangers. They can be dangerous!




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